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Cosmetic Insurance

When the unexpected happens and you have to cancel your elective surgery......there's ESRI.....

Cosmetic Insurance

All types of surgery hold some type of risk.  Now that you've made the decision to have the

procedure, it's time to find the right surgeon.

After selecting your surgeon, you must decide how to finance your elective procedure.  M

health insurance policies will not provide coverage for elective surgery.  Cosmetic surgeons

will require advance payment including a portion which is non-refundable.  In some cases,

within a few days prior to your surgery, the entire cost of your surgery may be at risk!  


While each surgeon's terms of cancellation may vary, mostly all cancellations of a scheduled

procedure will result in a loss of money - even if you have a valid reason.  Don't put your money

at risk if you have to cancel your procedure due to circumstances beyond your control.  Now

your payment can be protected with ESRI - the Elective Surgery Refund Insurance policy.  ESRI

protects you when the unexpected happens and you are not able to go through with your 

cosmetic surgery.


ESRI is available to all patients of plastic surgeons who have a cancellation clause in

their contract, where you have obligated yourself to a non-refundable payment.  ESRI

can be purchased for any elective surgery.